Collect mushrooms and chestnuts

mushrooms collectionThe Casentino, and especially the Vallesanta, is a territory rich in woods of various kinds.
During almost the whole year it is possible to practice the search for mushrooms , present in very interesting varieties, such as the excellent Porcino mushroom (Boletus) , present in our woods in various different species but all very valuable:

the Boletus Edulis , also known as Porcino di Castagno or Porcino di Macchia, is a light brown-colored porcini mushroom, whose tubules (lower part of the cap) vary from a white to a yellowish color or green in older age;

the Boletus Aereus , which prefers forests of Turkey oak, beech and oak, with very compact flesh, dark brown hat color and Tubules in general rather white;

the Boletus Aestivalis , with light brown hair and white or yellowish tubules;

and finally the Boletus Pinophilus , with a very sturdy stem, a typically reddish-brown hat and very marked compactness, generally prefers fir or beech-fir woods, at a variable altitude depending on the season;
Other very frequent and certainly very good fungi are for example the drum mallets (Macrolepiota procera), the Gallinacci (Cantharellus Cibarius), the Chiodini (Armillaria Mellea), the field mushrooms (Agaricus Campestris) which are born mostly in the meadows destined to pasture in the country, the pinaroli (Boleto Granuloso) and the Trombette of Dead (Craterellus Cornucopioides) that in spite of its name are a mushroom much appreciated by the more experienced mushroom hunters.

Finally, how not to mention the Truffles , also present in various species both inside and outside the territory of the National Park: from the Bianchetto , also called Marzuolo, usually very small but fragrant, to the Nero Scorsone , Nero Pregiato , and even the White Truffle above all in the Tiberino side (Pieve Santo Stefano area).
The Casentino is also very famous for the collection of chestnuts , for which many locals and from neighboring cities compete to get hold of a good supply of Marroni to be cooked in the pan during the cold winter evenings .

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