Siena and its villages

Siena piazza del campoSiena IS certainly one OF the most beautiful Italian cities. The heart OF the city has never been crossed by the wild car traffic, although there ARE several limited traffic areas FOR residents AND commercial merchants. This factor has helped TO PRESERVE the state OF conservation OF the city, whose construction IS mostly characterized by the use OF the famous red bricks, which give Siena a warm AND ancient appearance. Siena thus maintains the appearance OF a "great country" , rather than a city, AND IS characterized by a very uniform architectural style, which gives it a UNIQUE appearance OF its kind. The city still has much OF the original walls, AND access TO the historic center IS allowed through the passage through large doors, dating back TO the eleventh century. Among the places OF great interest we can remember the following:

- Piazza del Campo, the central square OF the city WHERE the famous palio IS held every YEAR
- La Torre del Mangia, visible FROM a great distance, which stands FOR 88 meters ON the square OF the field
- Siena Cathedral
- Basilica OF San Domenico
- Basilica OF San Francesco
- Church OF Santo Spirito
- NATIONAL Gallery, art gallery AND museum


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