Fishing at the lake and stream

torrent fishing in CasentinoThe Casentinese territory is rich in waterways where you can practice the Fishing of various fish species , among which the most present is definitely the Trout Fario , a variety of very delicate salmonid meat that is also offered by some of the valley's restaurants.
among the Casentinesi fishermen we find many fans OF trout fishing IN the river , often attracted by the beauty OF the water courses that creep BETWEEN the mountain inlets AND descend TO the valley generating small waterfalls AND deep holes, which you can make really exciting catches. Often the Casentinesi torrents during the summer ARE also less than two meters wide, but the ascent OF these small watercourses IS IN itself a truly satisfying adventure .
The technique OF the most common fishing IN the creek fishing IS that OF the " Tocco alla Casentinese ", IN which simply a fixed telescopic rod IS used (without whirlpool OF ANY kind), AT the END OF which a long line usually binds less than 2 meters, equipped WITH a single hook OF variable SIZE AND a weight that has the sole purpose OF keeping thoroughly AND direct the bait inside the stream. IN this technique there IS NO visual INDICATOR (floating), so it IS the fisherman who "warns" the presence OF the fish through the vibrations transmitted by its bite TO the top OF the barrel.
Another technique that IS very present IN fishing ON the Casentinesi streams IS spinning , often practiced ON a larger water course, such AS IN the Archiano torrent, IN the Arno river OR IN the Corsalone stream (which was born just IN Vallesanta), IN the Solano torrent, IN the Rassina stream AND others OF similar SIZE.
Last but NOT least, we can mention the " fly fishing ", known ALL over the world, practiced IN general by expert fishermen given the difficulty OF the technique OF launching mainly IN courses OF less significant water. This technique IS certainly one OF the best TO adopt especially ON hot summer afternoons, WHERE IN the evening the fish ARE MORE active AND it IS easy TO come across SOME interesting prey.

For a DAY OF fishing IN ABSOLUTE "relax" it IS possible TO go TO the sport fishing lake OF Tripoli, near the village OF Bibbiena, WHERE it IS possible TO fish IN addition TO the rainbow trouts also the beautiful carp belonging TO various types: carpe WITH mirrors, carpe queine AND the beautiful Amur, which sometimes exceed even 10 kg IN weight!

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