The Casentino museums

IN the surrounding area you can visit SOME interesting museums. IN the village OF Bibbiena, FOR example, there IS the Archaeological Museum , once located IN Partina, near the town hall. IN the rooms OF the Museum you can admire various archaeological finds FROM several Casentinesi excavation sites, such AS the beautiful Etruscan statuettes FOUND near the famous Lago degli Idoli , place WHERE the ancient Etruscans AS early AS the sixth century BC they used TO throw these small bronze artifacts INTO water AS a gesture OF religious devotion. Also IN the archaeological museum OF Bibbiena you can admire various ceramic artifacts , often recovered thanks TO occasional excavations that were intended TO carry out construction OR other works, so it IS sometimes random find that have brought TO light important traces OF the past.
Another very interesting museum, already mentioned IN the context OF religious tourism, IS the Museo della Verna , which contains important manuscripts dating back TO hundreds OF years ago, perfectly preserved AS a testimony TO the amanuensis art OF the monks. who handed down the ancient writings WITH their own WORK. Inside the museum you can admire a wooden crucifix attributed TO Giovanni Angelo Montorsoli AND a ceramic bust OF Andrea della Robbia.
Finally we can also remember the Museum OF Wool , built inside the now inactive Lanificio di Stia that ceased its activity IN the YEAR 2000. Inside the museum you can admire the wonderful ancient textile machines, already IN use IN the early 1900s, AS well AS various handcrafted objects that testify how the art OF wool processing was once a purely manual WORK.

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