Local gastronomy

typical local cuisine From the gastronomic point OF VIEW the Casentino IS an area rich IN culture AND recipes handed down according TO tradition .
In the LOCAL restaurants you can taste many typical dishes OF the Tuscan-Romagnola cuisine : delicacies AND delicious forms, accompanied by LOCAL honey AND jams, crostini OF various kinds, grilled vegetables, tomato soup, tasty FIRST courses such AS homemade lasagna, ravioli stuffed WITH vegetables AND artisanal ricotta, potato tortelli WITH slab (a typical recipe FROM the village OF Corezzo), tortellini stuffed WITH meat, ALL seasoned WITH example WITH the excellent homemade ragù. You can NOT miss dishes based ON mushrooms AND truffles, OF which our area IS particularly rich, AND SECOND courses OF pork AND veal, AS the famous Florentine steak cooked ON the grill SECOND the dictates OF the Tuscan tradition. You can accompany ALL these dishes WITH the best Italian wines AND sparkling wines , many OF which come FROM our region, AND IN particular the wines OF the Chianti area OF ??Florence AND the wines OF Montalcino AND Montepulciano (Siena ), one OF the most renowned IN Tuscany AND the entire nation.

A few steps FROM our hotel IS the Osteria da la Franca , a typical Casentinese restaurant handed down FROM father TO son FOR several generations, which has always offered traditional dishes starting FROM a raw material OF ABSOLUTE quality . The same Osteria offers among its dishes also Pizza, which IN Tuscany can NOT miss, AND dishes OF game (FOR example hare, deer, roe, wild boar).

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