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Casa Bonucci IS located IN the beautiful AND sunny Tuscany , ON the outskirts OF a small country village called Corezzo, the latter located IN the heart OF the Vallesanta. This valley was the spiritual destination OF millions OF pilgrims coming FROM every nation , wishing TO visit the Sanctuary OF La Verna , the place WHERE Saint Francis OF Assisi lived, known IN the whole world AS one OF the most important Saints OF ALL Christianity. The territory OF the Vallesanta IS rich OF NATURAL beauties dipped IN the green OF the NATIONAL Park OF the Casentinesi Forests, numerous ARE the small streams whose clear waters, populated by various fish species, shine IN the sunny summer afternoons. NOT infrequently wild beasts (fallow deer, roe deer, deer, wild boar, hares AND many species OF birds) can be FOUND, especially IN the early morning hours AND AT nightfall. IN Casentino, an area IN which the Vallesanta IS located, medieval villages such AS Poppi ARE located, WITH the famous Castello dei Conti Guidi which towers over the nearby river Arno, Bibbiena WITH its historic center AND the Sanctuary OF Santa Maria del Sasso , Stia nearby IS the Castello di Porciano AND many others. Another important destination IS certainly the Monastery OF Camaldoli , IN addition TO the Pieve di Romena AND the Pieve di Socana . A few minutes away, you can reach SOME OF the most important cities OF Tuscany, REAL cultural centers such AS Florence, Siena, Arezzo, Cortona AND many small minor places but OF great historical interest -cultural.

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