Florence cradle of the Renaissance

Firenze places to visit The city OF Florence IS a famous tourist destination IN the world. Every YEAR millions OF tourists come TO Florence TO admire the huge amount OF works OF art IN which the city has been immersed FOR centuries. Its origins, dating back TO around 150 BC, can also be attributed TO the ancient Etruscans, who descended FROM the hills OF Visul (ordierna Fiesole) TO CREATE a small urban center around the banks OF the river Arno, thus exploiting its benefits OF its waters AND building a FIRST wooden bridge TO CROSS it. IN the tenth century Florence developed AND became an autonomous municipality, while IN the thirteenth century an internal struggle took place BETWEEN Guelfi , supporters OF the Roman Papacy, AND Ghibellini , supporters OF the emperor OF the Holy Roman Empire. The conflicts, which put a strain ON the city, culminated WITH the victory OF the Guelphs who also led Dante Alighieri , the great poet, famous throughout the world FOR his " Divine Comedy . " FROM an artistic point OF VIEW, Florence IS known AS the cradle OF the Renaissance : Artists OF international fame born, lived AND worked within the city. IN this regard we can mention Leonardo Da Vinci , which IN Florence created his masterpieces such AS the famous painting OF Gioconda ; Michelangelo Buonarroti , creator OF various works such AS the David, the Dome OF St. Peter, the Frescos OF the Sistine Chapel AND the piety OF the Vatican ; Raffaello , architect AND painter considered one OF the most important OF the Renaissance age ; AND how NOT TO mention the famous Galileo Galilei , physicist, astronomer AND mathematician universally recognized AS father OF modern science ; Angelo Poliziano , one OF the greatest Italian poets OF the fifteenth century; Filippo Brunelleschi , FIRST engineer AND designer OF the modern era; Below IS a list OF SOME works AND places that we absolutely recommend TO visit IN the city OF Florence:

- Cathedral OF Santa Maria del Fiore (Cathedral OF Florence)
- Palazzo Vecchio
- Basilica OF Santa Croce
- Uffizi Gallery
- Ponte Vecchio
- Giotto's Bell Tower
- Palazzo Pitti
- Museo di Galileo
- Vasarian Corridor
- Piazzale Michelangelo (from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city)


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