Arezzo Etruscan city

Arezzo Etruscan cityThe city OF Arezzo can be reached FROM the village OF Corezzo IN about 50 minutes. Its origins, dating back TO the 5th century BC, ARE among the oldest OF the Tuscan cities. The city IS surrounded by the FIRST city walls thanks TO the ancient Etruscans, who already IN the IV included a larger portion OF territory TO contain its rapid expansion. Among ALL the cities OF Tuscany Arezzo was certainly one OF the most important, especially FROM an economic AND strategic point OF VIEW. Arezzo has given birth TO numerous works AND inventions OF extraordinary importance BOTH nationally AND internationally. Among his most illustrious characters we can remember Guido Monaco , the creator OF modern musical notation, Giorgio Vasari famous art historian AND creator OF the Uffizi OF Florence, Francesco Petrarca , poet writer AND diplomat considered the founder OF Humanism. The Casentino IS very influenced by the many people who have contributed TO expanding the art OF Aretina throughout the surrounding area, thanks TO which we can find beautiful works IN the various neighboring villages. Among the main places OF interest IN the city OF Arezzo we can remember the following:

- Basilica OF San Francesco
- NATIONAL Museum OF Medieval AND Modern Art
- Church OF Santa Maria della Pieve
- Ivan Bruschi Gallery
- Museum OF Casa Vasari
- Cathedral OF Saints Peter AND Donato
- Piazza Grande


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